Direct to Garment

Full Colour
100% Cotton Only

Direct to Garment printing can only be used on garments that are 100% Cotton, polyblends can be used however an element of fading will occur after a wash as the cheimicals in DTG ink will only bind to the organic cotton.

This method of print offers a nice finish as the print is not sat as heavy as a vinyl might. Prints on white garments almost sit inside the threads and no ink can be felt at all and with dark garments a layer of white ink needs to be printed first before colour can be printed. For this reason darker garments are more expensive to print than white.

Any type of file can be used to print using the DTG machine however the lower the resolution or quality of the image the poorer the end result will be.

Our range of products can be found here.

Any graphics provided for this process must be in high res PNG or in Vector Format.

  • From £2.99
  • Cotton Only
  • Express option
  • Flush finish
  • Delivery
  • Complex Designs
  • No minimum

Direct 2 Garment

Our D2G machine is capable of producing efficient runs of digital prints on light and dark colours, able to print white ink and multiple strike options gives the diversity needed for any print.