Full Colour
Any garment

Screen printed garments have an almost painted texture to them. In essence ink is passed through a screen that has been exposed to UV light and your specific design. The ink that passes through the screen is permanently applied to your garment.

Most garments can be screened as gentle heat is used to cure the ink via a belt system instead of a heat press system but we can recommend and offer our own range of products to print.

For this method of print screens need to be created for each design and these are charged at £20 per screen per colour. These screens can be kept aside and reused in the future.

Our range of products can be found here.

Any graphics provided for this process must be in Vector Format.

  • From £0.99
  • Full Colour
  • Long Life
  • Detailed
  • Delivery
  • Any garment
  • 20pc minimum

Semi Auto
Screen Printer

Our Screens are produced in house and combined with quality plastisol inks and belt dryers for a gentle cure, guarantee the best result for either single or multi colour prints.