Single Colour
Special Effects

Our Vinyl printed garments have gone vigorous testing and if care instructions are followed will last years. We have solid colour vinyls as well as specialist colours such as, reflective, glitter, textured, holographic, carbon effect and much more.

Vinyl can be pressed onto most garments except some Nylons and any fabric that will melt under heat. Some polyesters may scorch if your own garment is used but we can recommend and offer our own range of products to print.

As Vinyl is weeded from plotted sheets, complicated designs may be difficult to process so this method of print may not be suitable for all designs

Our range of products can be found here.

Any graphics provided for this process must be in Vector Format.

  • From £0.50
  • Vibrant
  • Express option
  • Specialist vinyl
  • Delivery
  • Many colours
  • No minimum
Graphtec CE6000

Roll Fed Plotter

Media is cut using precision roll fed cutting machines that can cut large rolls of media at pinpoint accuracy with the added option to vary pressures depending on the material at hand for the optimal finish.