Full Colour
100% Polyester

Sublimation printing can only be used on garments that are 100% Polyester such as football kits and sports attire. Sublimation print can only be used on garments that are white or pastel coloured as there is no white ink option; however as the base is white if a black garment is required for example, the fabric can be printed in full black ink.

This method of print offers a nice finish as the print is not sat as heavy as a vinyl might. Sublimation The nature of the ink pressed at a very high heat means the print turns into a gas when pressed and insfues with the fibres anfd so the end result is one that will outlast a garment.

Any type of file can be used to print using the DTG machine however the lower the resolution or quality of the image the poorer the end result will be.

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Any graphics provided for this process must be in Vector Format.

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Dye Sublimation Printer

Our 54" machine wide dye sublimation ink printing machine allowing for large polyester fabrics to be printed in full colour with a vibrant sharp finish to the final product. Prints a weatherproof and can withstand hot washes.