Direct to Garment

No minimum

This is the process of printing an image directly onto a garment and then heat cured. Direct to Garment printing can utilise any type of design in any format to be printed and the quality of the print is affected by the quality of the initial image.

D2G is limited to 100% cotton garments such as tshirts but can be applied to high cotton percentage garments such as 80/20 blends of hoodies, but slight fading will occur for any products not 100% cotton.

Darker garments require pre-treatment and an underlay of white ink so printing costs are higher than white garments.


Cost is based on quantity, size and the colour of the garment. On average a large A3 print (without a white underbase e.g. on a white tshirt) would cost £4 and a on a dark tshirt (with a white underbase) would be £6 - £8.

Custom Made

Bespoke Garment Production

If required we can produce bespoke one off garments inhouse for personal use or as a prerequisite for mass production in one of our factories in Turkey or India. Products produced overseas can be completely decorated and finished ready for retail without the additional need to further alter upon arrival.