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A process of stitching viscose or polyester thread to any fabric. Viscose is the most common as it is softer and more versatile but polyester thread is more suitable for commercial use as it can withstand harsher treatment.

We are able to embroidery caps with standard and 3D printing with a limitation of 55mm height and 120mm width.

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To embroider any piece of artwork, a DST file is required and this can be created by our digitisers at the cost of £20. This is a one off fee but the file created is limited to a specific size and any modifications require redigitising. Once this file has been created cost is then based on quantity and number of stitches, on average a left breast would cost £3 - £5 and a large back £10 - £20.

Custom Made

Bespoke Garment Production

If required we can produce bespoke one off garments inhouse for personal use or as a prerequisite for mass production in one of our factories in Turkey or India. Products produced overseas can be completely decorated and finished ready for retail without the additional need to further alter upon arrival.