1000pc minimum

A more complex printing method that can be briefly explained as multiple rollers transferring an inked image that has been broken down into it's CMYK components directly onto media along a production line.

This method of printing is used mainly for larger runs (1000 or more) promo type products such as leaflets. business cards, booklets. For larger runs this is the most cost effective way of production and allows for single or double sided print.

Operator setup time and costs is the most expensive part of this process so the larger the quantity the greater the savings to be made.

For low run printed promo products refer to digital print.

Custom Made

Bespoke Garment Production

If required we can produce bespoke one off garments inhouse for personal use or as a prerequisite for mass production in one of our factories in Turkey or India. Products produced overseas can be completely decorated and finished ready for retail without the additional need to further alter upon arrival.