Woven, Embroidered or Rubber
Keytags / Patches

100pc minimum

These products are supplied from overseas with minimums of 100pcs and a lead time of 4-5 weeks.

Our partners can produce woven, embroidered or rubber keytags and patches cut to any shape or size with or without a merrow edge. Patches can come with iron on backing or stitch only.


Guide price below on popular items:
100 x Embroidered / Woven patch at 50mm x 50mm - £120
100 x Chenille Patches patch at 50mm x 50mm - £200
100 x PVC / Silicone patch at 50mm x 50mm - £200
100 x Metal & Enamel Badges at 50mm x 50mm - £200
1000 x Woven Neck labels at 50mm x 50mm - £120

Custom Made

Bespoke Garment Production

If required we can produce bespoke one off garments inhouse for personal use or as a prerequisite for mass production in one of our factories in Turkey or India. Products produced overseas can be completely decorated and finished ready for retail without the additional need to further alter upon arrival.